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    $ + People + voting = real democracy.

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    the system is broken.

    It feels rigged in favor of the corporations, lobbyists, and big special interests groups run by D.C. operatives. This isn't the democracy we want or deserve. You haven't given up, neither have we.

    Fight for what matters.

    Take back the power and fight for the issues and causes that matter to you. You deserve to be heard, so we take the power of the crowd to the next level. You collect money for an issue, you decide on who deserves it democratically and transparently using the power of the blockchain.

    Power of the peeps

    You don't need to be a super lobbyist, D.C. operative or corporation to make real change happen. All you need is a cause and a bunch of people ready to pledge $5 to support it. We're fixing our broken system with more democracy.

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